Back in Harmony - Healing for Body and Spirit
Massage, Reiki and Mind-Body Healing
for Animals smaller than horses

Serving animals professionally since 2011
Trained by W. Bruce Bregenzer,

What animal bodywork achieves

  • Calms anxious animals                           
  • Restores comfort and mobility                 
  • Reduces behavior problems
  • Strengthens human-animal understanding and relationships

Contact:   Call/text (608) 332-9581  •   Email  •   Sign up here for monthly e-newsletter

Podcast hosted by Animal Rescue Professionals Association

Success stories:                                                                          

  • An aging Pekingese resumed walking and climbing stairs
  • A year-old terrier mix returned to putting weight on all four paws equally 
  • A cat regained interest in life and reached out to the remaining dog in the household
  • A rescue Shih Tzu became more alert, interactive and interested in her surroundings
  • A husky recovering from throat surgery began to eat again
  • An elderly border collie stopped stumbling

Animal session logistics:

  • House calls, so your animal can relax
  • Usually on the floor, with your animal setting the pace

Rates:  $50/hour (1st visit $40!); packages negotiable
                 Sliding travel fee outside Madison.  24-hour cancellation policy applies.


  • Reiki (energy, with or without touch)
  • Intuitive listening and response
  • Tracing and lengthening muscle fibers
  • "Sifting" a muscle between thumb and fingers
  • Vibrating a finger or two on a knot
  • Vibrating fingers along a muscle or alongside the spine 
  • Moving a joint to the end of its range and holding it there, with support, till it releases
  • All techniques applied very gently

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