Back in Harmony - Healing for Body and Spirit

Gentle, mindful yoga calls us home into our own bodies and feelings. It wakes up corners of our being that we've been ignoring and clears out tension held in our musculature. It energizes and renews our limbs and spirits. Over time, it builds confidence, stamina, and equanimity.  

Beginning November 16, I'm offering a weekly class at The Lotus Studio, 6601 Grand Teton Plaza, Fridays 1:30-2:30.

If you would like some guided movement to work out the tightness and stiffness in your shoulders, back, hips, or legs, this class is meant for you. It will be an approachable class, using chairs and other props to give you options when it comes to challenges like deeper stretches, balancing poses, or getting onto and off the floor.

My goal is your enhanced mobility, strength, balance, and awareness--so you feel better, inside and out! 

Spring and summer 2019 will bring expanded yoga offerings, likely including a second weekly class at Lotus and a class through Yoga Accessible for All, a new nonprofit founded by my teachers Iris Mickey and Paul Mross.

In addition to their teaching, my work in yoga is influenced by trainings with Doug Keller, Tias Little, and Sarah Westbrook.
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